Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Not willing to settle for a body that is overweight anymore?

Ready for a serious transformation of your body
and your LIFE?

Hi, I’m Daniel Gross. I’m the Clinical Hypnotherapist at Hypnosis Santa Cruz, and I’ve been there. 50 pounds overweight, stressed out, craving sugary food and carbs, and always tired and fatigued (you can read more about my story HERE).

I found the way out and into my Ideal Body, and you can, too!

I have a proven system that can help you break through any of the blocks you may have had in the past regarding your food, your health, and your body!

I call it Ideal Body for Me

Ideal Body for Me isn’t for everybody, but it may be for you if…

  • You absolutely need to lose 50 pounds or more
  • You want to be free of emotional ties to food and the sabotaging habits that keep the extra weight on
  • You want to get away from pharmaceutical drugs
  • You want to love your body again and feel empowered
  • You want someone knowledgeable to guide you there
  • You are committed to getting the help you need to SUCCEED
  • You want RESULTS, not excuses!

Does that sound like you?   YES, IT DOES, SIGN ME UP!

Heidi got her Ideal Body! You can, too!

Heidi was ready to lose the “baby weight”, and she DID! Her motivation to exercise skyrocketed, and her focus is now on eating right and taking care of her body.


I created Ideal Body for Me because my clients deserve to get the Ideal Body they desire: Healthy, Happy, and filled with a FIRE for LIFE!

Are you ready to get what you want from your body’s health?

Are you ready to find that zest for life and personal power within?

I have just a few open spots left in my Ideal Body for Me Premium packages, and I’d like to invite you to explore the possibilities in a free consultation with me. Go ahead and click below now!

Special needs and requests are always welcome!

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