Get Your Ideal Body!

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Ideal Body for Me is a comprehensive PROVEN SYSTEM

You’ll enjoy the long-term support that you need for SUCCESS

Lose 50 pounds or more and KEEP it off!

Starting with…

Me-Grey_TransparentQuick Launch!

We’ll spend a full day together getting acquainted and getting your weight loss action plan started right, on the
It’ll be some work, and a LOT of fun in the process, and I’ll be with you every step of the way!

Your Complete Profile – I’ll work with you and review your medical history, diet and lifestyle.
Kitchen Cleanup – We’ll remove the junk food in your cupboards and fridge to make space for…
Organic Food – We’ll go shopping for REAL food to nourish your body!
Meal Plans – Food you’ll actually want to eat and enjoy, while continuing to lose weight!
Remove the Toxins that are Adding Fat to Your Body – Body Detox and Juice Cleanse Plans will help you remove the toxins that are clogging you up and adding fat and cellulite to your body!
Settle down that gut – improve your immune system and keep it strong! I’ll show you how with a Probiotics Plan.
Hypnosis Power Session – Set your motivation ON FIRE with the power of your own mind!
Move Your Body! – Workouts specially tailored to your body’s needs in your gym or in your home. I’ll show you proper form and function to keep you injury free and feeling great!

*3 Weight Loss Hypnosis Sessions per month*

Relaxation of Mind and Body to help get the body back in balance
Motivation to Exercise and inspiration to stay on track!
Making proper Real Food choices – Eating real food…and loving it!
Clearing Emotional Issues around Food and the Body – Not only healthier, but happier. Move on from the past and thrive!
Speeding of Healing in the body – Use your mind to heal your body
Pain Management and much more!

*Get Complete Control Over Your Eating Habits*

You’ll have the tools. I’ll help you find them…within yourself!

*Personalized Weight Loss Hypnosis CD/MP3*

Customized just for you and your specific issues around your body, this recording will help you relax and create lasting change in your thinking to get you to your Ideal Body!

*Toll Free 855-LEANBODY Hotline*

You’ll have immediate access to me, day or night! If you feel a late night binge is coming on and need to be “talked off the ledge”, have any questions about exercise, or maybe just a pep talk to get you through a tough day, I’ll be there. You’ll be on my priority ring, and I’ll always pick up! (if I’m with a client at the time, I’ll be calling you immediately afterward!)

*Working Hand in Hand with your Care Providers*

I’ll work directly with your current doctor or any other care provider to cover all of your weight loss and related health issues.

If you don’t have one, I’ll help you locate one locally that meets your needs:
Doctors – Chiropractors – Acupuncturists – Herbalists / Naturopaths
Any other specialists, as needed.

Everybody is different. Ideal Body for Me is designed around YOU!
Call Daniel Gross, C.Ht at 831-234-8838 for a free consultation.

The Answers Are Within Your Mind