“I am very happy to report that I have lost 80+ lbs…..
I visited you once about a year ago at the Hoover theater and again in Santa Cruz with my aunt. Faithfully, I listen to your hypnosis CDs every night. I follow a ketogenic diet, which has worked well for me.
Thank you so much for the help and inspiration you have shared with me.”
2/20/14 – UPDATE!
“I have lost 100 pounds as of this morning and I am so excited!!! You wouldn’t recognize me.
Most importantly, I have my smile back.
I still have more to lose but now I really feel like I can do it ….”



– Judie

“I was admittedly reluctant to try hypnosis, but seeing how successful Daniel was in getting my friend to quit smoking, I gave it a try to deal with some anxiety issues speaking in front of large crowds. Daniel was the perfect guide to take me deep into my subconscious and a very relaxed state. Once there, he gave me the techniques I needed to stay calm, poised, and relaxed in situations that previously made me uncomfortable. It was an ideal experience that has helped me tremendously in my professional life as a writer (speaking engagements and book signings are now a breeze!),  and in my personal life. Thank you Daniel for the wonderful transformation! ”

– Max Mobley – Writer (Rush FAQ, Crawdaddy Magazine, For Feck’s Sake)


   “I had a deeply engaging session with Daniel today. Today’s session was my first experience with hypnosis and it was profound. Daniel was able to help me get into extremely deep level of meditation. It was a guided meditation just for me! Perfectly tailored for what I needed in the moment. It left me feeling deeply relaxed, present, and alive with a renewed vision of myself. Thank you, Daniel.”
– Dawn Grey


– Tove Beatty

   “To anyone wishing to avail themselves of the opportunities awaiting them at “Hypnosis Santa Cruz” I must urge you to take advantage of their services. I was a two pack a day smoker for 50 years who had decided to quit smoking after suffering a heart attack and mild stroke.
I must say here that this is no magic bullet, you must participate willingly in order to achieve success.
Mr Dan Gross the Hypnotherapist here is eloquent and honest in what he portrays his business to be capable of helping you with. I must say at this point that after my first session I held very little need to continue in a habit that was indeed putting my health at risk. The monetary gains of hypnotherapy vastly out weigh the cost of smoking as I was pursuing this habit.
I sincerely urge you to take advantage of “Hypnosis Santa Cruz” and their plan for a better future for yourself and your loved ones…”
– Ray Askew


   “I recently had a session with Daniel and it was a cool experience. I have never been hypnotized before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Daniel helped me focus on relieving stress in my daily life as well as approaching my cycling career in a different way to bring more success and to hopefully avoid more injuries. So far so good. I would definitely recommend Daniel!”
– Josh Maurer


   “Daniel – Wow. I just wanted to thank you again. I’ve been feeling so much more comfortable in my own skin. I’m having fun in my job again and really making the most of my sales calls. I’ve always known that I do what I do for the right reasons and because I have my clients’ best interests at heart. Now, thanks to you, my subconscious knows it, too.”
Lisa Silva Mazzei


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